Snepzhen Solitaire


This is a clone of Shenzhen Solitaire (from Shenzhen I/O), which I have made for the Sega Master System. This was my entry for the 2021 SMS Power! Coding Competition.

How to Play

In this version of solitaire, there are three colours rather than the usual two. In the main play area, the tableau, cards can be stacked in decreasing order on non-matching colours. Numbered cards can be moved to the top-right foundation slots. Each slot starts with one, and cards of the same colour with increasing values can be placed on top.

As well as the usual numbered cards, there are three types of dragon card: claws, paws, and hooves. These cards cannot be stacked on any other card. The three foundation slots at the top left are used to store the dragon cards, although they can also be used as temporary storage for any card. If four matching dragon cards are accessible, and one of the top-left slots is empty, then a dragon button can be pressed to move the four cards together into a single slot.

There is also a special snow leopard card. The art is currently incomplete (just a tail). This card goes to the middle foundation slot, to the right of the buttons.

The game is won when all cards are moved into the foundation slots and the tableau is empty.


Move the cursor with the D-pad.

Use Button 1 to pick up and place cards, or to press the dragon buttons.

Use Button 2 to auto-move the selected card to a foundation slot if possible, or to return a held card to where it came from.


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